When to Buy New Tires

Evaluating worn out tires – Speedy Tires’ Doctor’s  Advise

SPEEDY TIRES tire gauge PICT #2

When it comes to tire safety, remember to inspect your four primary tires and spare tire once a month.

It’s pretty simple. Do you have a penny in your pocket? Take it out and put it upside down in your tires’ tread grooves. Do this in several locations on the tires because sometimes your tires may display unusual wear patterns leading to premature wear. If Lincoln’s hair is visible, the tread has worn to less than 2/32 of an inch. If you have a tire depth gauge in your toolbox, that will give you a better indicator of how much tread you have left. If you have a ruler, you can also use that to measure your remaining tread.

It is strongly recommended that you replace your tires when the tread has worn to between 2/32 of an inch and 4/32 (using a quarter instead of a penny with Washington’s scalp visible). Of course, punctures, cuts or snags in your tire tread or sidewall could signal that it’s time to replace your tires as well.

The more tread on your tires, the more control you have – especially in wet road conditions – and the shorter the distance required to stop your vehicle when braking.

If you are uncertain about whether it is time to replace your tires, our trained auto service Tire Doctors can tell you if you need new tires.

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