Spare Tires for Your Car or Truck


Spare tire replacement & repair

If you’ve never had a flat tire, consider yourself fortunate. Today’s tires include features designed to help prevent a flat tire, even when driving over glass and other objects that could pierce the tire. However, you’re still not guaranteed of not getting a flat (to change a flat tire, consult your owner’s guide for instructions).

If you have a spare tire (or inflation device), it should be suitable to your vehicle. To determine the correct spare tire for your vehicle, consult the owner’s guide or talk to your Speedy Tires’ Tire Doctors
It’s equally important to inspect the spare when you get replacement tires as well as when performing monthly air pressure inspections.

There are several types of spare tires:

  • Full-size spare – requires the greatest amount of storage space, but they are the most versatile
  • Temporary full-size spare – lighter-weight construction and a shallower tread depth to reduce vehicle weight to make the spare easier to install
  • Temporary mini-spare (doughnut) – smaller than other full-size tires with low-speed rating; limited-distance tire; not intended for highway use
  • Inflation kit – fills the tire with substance to temporarily allow the “flat” tire to be used

Speedy Tires’ Tire Doctors provides tire repair services if you do get a flat. And if the tire is damaged beyond repair or worn out, they can provide you with the right tire at the right price.

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